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Sewing Classes

Why not ask for it as a Present or give it to someone else for a present.
If you would like to do this then I can make you a voucher to give to the recipient.



Starting in June 2018

Have you been inspired by the sewing bee or maybe youíve always been eager to learn how to sew or improve your existing skills.

Evening Courses

I have a new sewing course starting in June.

Come along and learn new skills or build on existing sewing skills. The groups are very social and I teach different skills each week whilst working on a variety of projects.


Tuesday Evenings
8 Week Sewing Course

Have an evening out for yourself, meet new people and learn some new skills.

Learn how to read and use patterns to make clothes and home furnishings. I will provide set projects you can do, or you can bring your own project along to work on.


When:   5th June 2018  - 24th July 2018 7.30pm Ė 9.30pm

Where:  Broadstone Community and Arts Centre, 21 Dunyeats Road,
               Broadstone, BH18 8AB

Cost:     £120


Daytime Courses

At the moment it is not looking like a day time course will be feasible. If you have a group of people interested in lessons then we can arrange something or alternatively organise some 1:1 lessons.

General Information


You will bring your own sewing machine so you learn how your machine works and become familiar with the various functions it provides.


I like to gear the courses to the people that come, so if there are specific things you would like to learn then do let me know.


Donít feel that you have to master everything in just one course. Sometimes people keep coming back course after course and I always make sure that new content is covered and their skills are developed further.


If you are interested or would like more information then please get in contact.

Sarah Hopkins
07814 745922

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