A Time To Sew


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Comments from course participants

"I have been attending Sarah's class for approx 6 months and have had a totally fab time. I turned up the first night with not even a needle and was unable to use a sewing machine. Sarah said just come along and try it. Since then I have finished this shirt (see picture), started another one, repaired all my clothes, made cushions, sorted out all my mountain bike gear and my jeans are now the right length.

I like the independence learning to sew gives you. I can turn up trousers, repair pockets and not have to ask anybody.

Sarah has been wonderful, helped me through all my sewing problems with kindness and patience. Everybody else in the class has been really supportive and so nice. I have really enjoyed this year and I really look forward to my sewing class every week."


"Thanks Sarah for all your help and tips  making my dress, its given me the confidence to sew more outfits."



"Here's a pirate rabbit pyjama case I made for my nephew."



“At the start I could do nothing, but now I feel more comfortable with trying different things.”


“I have enjoyed all of it. I have studied lots of methods and techniques from books but sometimes it’s hard to understand without being shown first and that’s what this course has done.”


“The course was a fun way of sharing my hobby with others.”


Examples of Work

Cushion covers from the course on Saturday 22nd October 2011